Templates and structure

Understand your forum's structure better and learn how it is build.

Display an element on all pages

To display an element on all pages, like Go to top/Go to bottom buttons or a sidebar, implement them in the overall_header ou overall_footer templates. If you want the element to be in a fixed position (like a corner), make sure to code it outside of the forum structure <div class="main_forum"> and to set it as position: fixed

Modify the toolbar

The toolbar is one of the few elements that don't appear in the templates. It can only be modified with CSS.

Display a box under the banner or header

Very simple: spot the header variable in the overall_header template and code your element right under it.

Move variables

Some variables can be moved around from a template to another, especially when templates are embedded within one another (eg. viewforum_body and topics_list_box). Forumactif's logic is somewhat wonky. You just need to experiment a bit.